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What We Do

Journey To Christ is a nonprofit ministry that provides Events, Facilities, Training, Camps and Retreats.

We serve where the Lord takes us to help minister to all of His people, planting seeds wherever we are.

Sitting by Campfire

Summer and Fall Camps

We offer Family and Kids summer & fall camps: 

Family Camps

  • Bond together as a family

  • Build a strong Christ-centered foundation

  • Learn to be Interdependent

Kids Camps

  • Fellowship and Bible Study

  • Leadership and Team building

  • Lots of outdoor fun!

Marriage Retreats

Find God's calling in your life together as a couple. Grow stronger together with Christ! 

Marriage photoshoot at sunset

Men & Women Retreats

Men's Retreat

  • Fellowship and Bible Study

  • Survival Skills

  • Self Defense

  • Fishing

  • Other outdoor activities

Women's Retreat

  • Fellowship and Bible Study

  • Cooking

  • Crafts

  • Health Focused Activities

  • Time to Refresh!

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