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First Dream

(This was approximately in early June 2020)

In the early evening, I walk alongside a structure and brush my hands against the walls of it with my left hand.  I pass by large windows but can’t see inside.  I keep walking and glance over to my right.  In the distance I see kids playing basketball on a court, in a park or field. I notice my cousin Halia, my kids, and nephews, and other children I can’t identify. They are playing at a basketball court, in a park like setting.  What I notice though, is that the sky is a weird color, reddish-orange. At first I thought it was just dusk, but it was an incandescent bright orange… the whole area.


“Odd”, I think to myself. 


It was as if the whole atmosphere was this eerie orange glow. I proceed to walk a little more, with my hands still sliding across the sides of the building til I get to the corner of the building, and turn left.  I come to a sliding door that leads into the building.  I had no idea where I was going, but I just walked into the door anyway.


Inside, I see that it is a large house of some sort.  It looks like I maybe entered a kitchen area because my brother, Preston, is at a counter, or table next to my sister, Shanda.  My Aunt Lisle, is chopping something on another table, or maybe a kitchen island.  I didn’t recognize the place in this dream, but right now, it felt like “home.” 

I walk in and look around.  I notice the ceilings are super high, with many large windows letting normal sunlight in, not orange. I look back at my family to my right and they seem to be preparing food.  Then, as I look around the room, to the left, I see a random stairway going straight up to another floor with a hallway.  I follow it up with my eyes, and as my eye reach the top, I see smoke!!! 

In a fright, I ponder what could be happening!?  I rush towards the stairs in a hurry, and make my way up.  I pass randomly by my dad who was standing at the bottom of the stairs apparently, and he follows right behind me as he sees me running towards the smoke.

As I get up the top of the stairs, I am now looking down a long, almost endless hallway that had many room doors on each side.  I take pause and am relieved as I see that the smoke, less dramatic than I thought, is coming from the first door to the right.  I walk up to it and see the little bit of smoke coming from the door.  I push the door open.  All of a sudden, there is not a lot of smoke, except from my Aunt Cece, who I caught smoking a cigarette in the room (she does NOT smoke!!!) Shocked and annoyed (because anyone who knows me, knows I hate cigarettes, so being indoors was even worse) I ask her why she’s smoking in the house, and tell her to go smoke outside.  She oddly just shoos me away.  She opens a window and tells me that it’s ok because the window is now opened. I stand there confused and in shock at her reaction. Who is this woman and what is she doing I thought, because it was so out of her character.  Then, she slowly just closes the door on me.  I just stand there, shocked! 

“Strange”, I think to myself.  About to reopen the door, I am distracted…

Still standing there, something catches my eyes and they are redirected up.  I look up to the ceiling, which was no longer there!  I can now see the whole visible sky from where I’m standing.  There was no roof! 

Looking straight, it was all now bright blue skies, but it was filling with thick smoke!  My dad is now standing by my side at this point, looking up with me in silence.  I turn my head back down and look down the hallway.  I realize the smoke wasn’t coming from the room my aunt was in.  It was a room down the hall, also on the right.  That door was opened and it had thicker smoke coming from it and was glowing like a roaring fire from within.  I start my way down the hall to walk toward it, but my dad put his hand in front of me and blocks my way to stop me.  He silently gestures me to stay back, and heads towards the room to take a look. 

My dad walks toward the “burning” room which was about 30ft away.  He gets to the doorway, and looks in.  All of a sudden, he raises his eyebrows, lifts his head up slightly and then back down, almost in a slow-motion nod. Then, immediately he turns his head downward, keeps it down, and turns back facing me.  He makes his way away from the door, and slowly walks back towards me.  He has a face I never seen before on him, humbled, sympathetic and slightly fearful.  

Walking towards me, I ask, “What’s wrong?”.  (This whole time, he hasn’t said a single word in my dream). 

As he approaches me, I ask again.  He keeps his head low, eyebrows up, and glances at me and gestures with his hand to follow him. 

Still confused I ask, “Is everything ok?” 

He calmly says in a soft voice, “Just come, follow me” and passes me by. 

I turn around and watch him slowly walk away down the hall, back towards the stairway.  Now facing my dad in all confusion, he turns and looks back towards me.

All of a sudden, in a blink of an eye, I realize I am now somehow directly next to the doorway of the mysterious “burning” room!  It was now directly to my left.  Although I didn’t look into it yet, I noticed that it was not actually on fire but, had a great glow to it.  I could see the bright glow coming from it, illuminating onto my face and hallway.  Still not looking in, maybe in fear, I just stand there staring at my dad.  He was still down the hallway, staring back at me.  Reluctantly, but unable to resist, I slowly turn my head left, and look into the room. 

What I see was astonishing!  To the left of the room, going back, was a huge room. A ballroom or great hall with huge long windows in the back like in a palace.  But, directly straight of the doorway was almost an office, or great front/foyer room.  Huge but much, much smaller.  The extremely tall walls in the back were lined up with stacks and stacks (like a horizontal library of books) of old looking wheels.  I guess they were old wooden wagon wheels, just randomly piled up everywhere.  In front of the wheels, although I could only see half of it, because the doorway was blocking my view, due to its size; I saw a gigantic, almost stone looking structure.  I observed it nervously and realized it was the right side arm rest of huge chair, a throne!  Maybe 20ft tall or more!

 It was ancient, huge, and magnificent.  I didn’t see someone sitting in it but, what I did see, was what I can only describe as an upward flowing, river of “water”. It flowed from the throne, straight up towards the sky.  It was translucent and iridescent…what I would describe in my own simple words: a crystal-clear-rainbow-river….flowing upwards past the throne.  I was mesmerized at the sight then realized where I was again.

A bit frightened and bewildered at what was before me, I look away and back towards my dad. He was now, way down the hallway, at the top of the stairs looking back at me, still waiting for me.  I ask him, in a quiet nervous voice, “What is that?!??”  He just slowly gestures with his hands for me to come towards him.  He is not in a panic. He is not in his typical “hurry-up” manner as my dad usually is.  He simply gestures again and says, “Come.”

So, I go to step forward, but I am frozen in place.  Petrified in this state, I feel a slight feeling of anxiety starting to coming over me.  All the feelings and emotions fill me as I recall in that moment, the many times in my life, since I was a child, having had those horrible “choking dreams” or “paralysis” dreams.  They were horrible nightmares I would have. They would feel like something was holding me down. I would be unable to speak or move except little jerks, or make tiny noises that no one could hear.  I don’t know how many hours of fighting through it would happen.  All I know is, I would wake up in a pile of sweat and sometimes end up crying (and I am not a crier).  Fear started to consume me in that moment.  Fear that I would soon have to fight my way out of it yet again. 

Yet, not alone for once in these types of dreams, I look at my dad in despair and desperation.  I feel panic coming over me.  Unable to move my body, but surprisingly able to speak, I ask him again, quietly in a whisper, “What is it???”  He just slowly and calmly gestures that I come towards him. 

I hesitate to try to move. He gestures, and slowly and calmly says, “Just come.  Trust me, come.”  I then feel my body being released from all the tension holding me back.  As if I was magnetized in place, then released, and I walk slowly to him. 

The feeling of Freedom from that paralysis I have been through so many times before, and for what always seemed like hours of a fight, disappeared.  Never had I been released so quickly! Ever!  It happened the second I listened and trusted my dad, and walked towards him. 

As soon as I started walking towards my dad, is when I had freedom to move.  He just stared at me with a slight reassuring smile and nod.  (It was a face that was unlike my dad.  He isn’t one to really make eye contact as he did in that moment.)  He is kind and caring but this was so different.  As I came near to him, he held out his hand (another very unlikely thing for my dad to do) yet, I reached out my hand to this almost unrecognizable man because, he still felt, safe.

When my hand reached his, he held it, looking at me, and he smiled ever so slightly.  I smiled back and just stood there for a second.  I instantly felt at peace and safety.  I looked at him inquisitively almost like I didn’t know this man, yet I knew this man.

Suddenly, my visual perspective of him was becoming lower, or… different, almost like a slow spin….I was rising above the ground lifting away from him!!?!  I didn’t feel like I was higher than him but, I was definitely somehow now “floating” with our eyes locked on each other’s.  Even though I’m now “floating up” I can’t help but to continue to smile at him.  Ignoring all the flames surrounding us.  Oh yes, there still was glowing flames all around us.  I just don’t know where from.

I gaze at his affectionate eye and observe him.  I saw my father, yet realized he was not my dad, Alvin, not anymore. I now see that the mustached man was now in all white, more facial hair and longer hair than my dad. I knew who he was just then.  When I realized who I was actually looking at, He simply kept smiling at me ever so softly, still holding my hand.  I felt completely safe, and calm.

Then slowly, as if to almost be drifting away, in the greatest peace I ever felt before, despite my surroundings. With our eyes still locked…


I wake up.                                                            


Fast forward now, Feb 2024.  I may have found the place where most of the dream is located...we shall see.  I will have the linked Blog story (here) in due time.  I need to keep documenting the Journey.


Thank you friends!


Have you all had any dreams before?  Has God given you a vision or message that either came true or made sense later?


God bless you all!



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