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In the Beginning…when the Journey started

Updated: Feb 1


Birthday Fun & Camping Research

(Please see theOur Story section to see how God first started this journey, Aug 12, 2021)

After my husband received the “message,” and after a lot of family discussion and prayer, we were all excited to start!

We decided since it was our son Ethan’s birthday coming up, we'd look for a campground that was fun for the kids...

We narrowed it down to the KOA in Oak Grove (Aug 18-21, 2021).  While there, we did a lot of research and took notes.  We ask questions, learned how much could be done with only 10 acres of land, jotted down the pros and cons, and focused on the business side of things.  It was a fun place and also was a franchise campground. We even considered if maybe a franchise was something we could do. It was an exciting place, with lots to do. This started our task of listing ideas, dreams, and just the beginning of what we were to look for.

I had invited my new friend at the time, Analia, to come visit us and bring the kids to swim.  I had only known her for a month at this point but we became friends right away and kept in contact.


God Praise:  Being new to faith, I had begun to pray for God to send me friends who would mentor me, help me grow in faith, and be encouraging. As much as I loved on others, it was becoming hard to be the one doing and helping, even if I wanted to. I just started to hope for some relief and help for myself.  And, Oh boy, did He provide!

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37:4


He knew I was an extreme introvert and wasn’t yet brave enough to approach others.  Well, one night at Journey Church, a lovely woman came up to me.  It was their first night there, and during the covid mandates, so we all had masks on.  She introduced herself and asked if we needed to wear the masks still.  I said, I don't know and pulled mine down, and so did she, so we could actually meet each other.  She introduced herself as Analia and pointed to her husband, Daniel. Just so happens she was also a fellow police wife!  

Fast Forward 3 years (which feels like 10 in a great way) they and their family are now part of the Board for Journey to Christ Ministry. I see now, that only God could have orchestrated this “Divine Encounter”.  How amazing is He and His plans!


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28

One more fun fact & God Praise: When we originally bought the camper in 2020, not only did we get it cause it was an amazing deal, and exactly what I was looking for; but we thought it was just for fun, to extend our camping season, and our homeschool travels. Little did we know (yet again!) that God had bigger plans!

Thank you for reading the tiny first part of our story. I hope that this has blessed you, glorified The Father, and continues to do so as we move forward. Let us continue to take you on this Journey and we hope you to join us one day!

-Cherie Treese


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