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Not as I will, but as You will

In early August 2021, Sarah Porr messaged me about making some bags for their personal ministry they were starting.  At the time God had put into their hearts during their sabbatical to use their shed to build a prayer cabin.  Their ministry is called, Enter Mission Prayer Cabin Retreat:

(, “a ministry dedicated to helping people, called by God, to find rest and renewal for their service to the Kingdom of God.”

I shared with her that we got our idea from church to do a vision board and that God’s been putting into our hearts to start a ministry as well.  (Not) Surprisingly, the sermon right after Rob received the message from the God, was about, Dreaming!  Actually, it was so much more than that, you can watch it here: 


Then on August 22, as I vaguely shared about the ministry God put into our hearts, Sarah spoke about God sized dreams, then randomly sends me info on a property for sale near them called, Mellon Acres.  I didn’t say anything in particular to prompt her about us looking at properties, so I was intrigued.  I wondered if that was a sign from God.  Why did she tell me about it when she had no idea what we were being called to do?  Little did I know at the time, it was just the beginning of how God would teach us How to listen to Him and to hear His voice, verses our own.  Which we had to learn a Lot and still do to this day.  But, oh boy did we learn the hard way a Lot in the beginning. 


On Aug 26, we decided to visit Mellon because we figured what did we have to lose!?  We visit the nice property and dream up all the possibilities.  In my heart I felt the place was too sunny, not that many trees, yet doable.  I immediately started to see what I could do with the place and try to figure out how it could function.  Things that came to mind as we spoke to the owners were:  Would we get into the business of wedding planning?  Do we plant trees, which cabin could we live in? Was it large enough to fit my family in?  (I literally picked out a spot for my dad thinking he could grow some bushes for privacy. 

I, I, I…I planned away within the hour of the place and kept thinking of what I or we could do.

Finally, I thought…Is this what God wanted?  Do I want to do that?  Could we do a wedding business?  I guess we could.  Who knew? 

Then, I continued on …How are we going to come up with 1.5 million dollars???  We started to research, ask the owners all the business questions and calculated it all.  It seemed impossible at the time, but who are we to put a limit on God we thought.  We thought we were trusting God but little did we know we still were thinking how WE could do it all. 


In the end, it just did not feel right, we didn’t continue to pursue it.  That was actually the beginning of our obedience on this task, even though we thought we were trying to be obedient the entire time. We didn’t even consider at the time how much that business would be a distraction and take away from what God was calling us to do (Which at the time we still were not clear on what that was exactly). 


But…. on we go, only a week later, Sept 3, we decided to just go out and drive and visit more campgrounds, take notes and pray for guidance.  We went to Weston & Basswood to check it out.  Added more notes on what we like and didn’t like and what to do and not to do, counted spots and again dreamed how many spots we would actually want and types of cabins and other facilities …ect. 


I even started to do online searches. I found this amazing piece of raw land near Mellon and dreamed up more ideas and even homesteading. I started to sketch up a map of ideas and had the kids come up with their own ideas. But, at over half a million dollars and starting from scratch I just set that in the back of my mind and didn't pay too much attention to it.

Then on Sept 23, we found a place in Peculiar and met the owners.  We loved how it was paved and very neatly done.  It wasn’t much of a camping scenery but very, very comfortable and nice.


We furthered our search further out of the map and found Pony Express around early Oct.  I am not sure the exact date. But, Rob sent me the info on Oct 8th.


When we finally went up there to visit…  Well, that is a whole other story in itself and will be shared in the next blog ….




“And He went a little beyond them, and fell on His face and prayed, saying, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.  Matthew 26:39

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Mar 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love your story and can’t wait to see all God unfolds in every season ❤️🎉

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